The Puccini Moods project

Puccini Moods - By Fabrizio Mocata Trio

The Fabrizio Mocata Trio are

Fabrizio Mocata - Piano 
Gianmarco Scaglia - Contrabass 
Ettore Fioravanti - Battery 
Raimondo Meli Lupi - Guitars (on track 3)

Live special guests

Andrea Marcelli - Battery 
John Helliwell - Sax 
Nico Gori - Clarinet


The Puccini Moods project was born by Fabrizio Mocata's initiative in 2008 and in reinterprets in a jazz key the famous operas of the tuscan composer Puccini. In 2009, MM records produces the Puccini Moods CD. The discographical work is also done by G. Scaglia at the contrabas and by E. Fioravanti at the battery. During the live tour, the project host also several other talented artists, as A. Marcelli, N. Gori, J. Helliwell D. Malvisi and R. Meli Lupi that take part to important festivals both in Italy and other countries.

Listen to the Puccini Moods on the project MySpace page or listen to a sample from the tracks on this page:


Puccini Moods - Quando me n vo.mp3

Puccini Moods - Coro a bocca chiusa.mp3

Butterfly Milonga.mp3

Puccini Moods - Nessun dorma.mp3

Puccini Moods - Volo.mp3

Complete tracklist of the Puccini Moods CD 

1 - Quando me n'vo
2 - Coro a bocca chiusa
3 - Butterfly Milonga
4 - Nessun intro
5 - Nessun dorma
6 - Scuoti quella fronda
7 - Volo
8 - Bass solo
9 - Ballad for Scotty
10 - Venti perdenti
11 - Shadow


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